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"Daily Free Spin" by Viridian5

Title: “Daily Free Spin”
Genre: gen, PG-13
Characters: Schuldig, Brad Crawford
Summary: There are some things Schuldig won’t do.
Comments: Beta by rosaleendhu.
Status: complete

“Daily Free Spin”
by Viridian5

“Motherfucker,” Schuldig muttered. Crawford heard music coming from the single earbud lying against Schuldig’s shoulder; Schuldig had the other in his left ear so he wouldn’t be totally cut off from local sound.

“What?” Crawford asked.

“The new update to Candy Crush Saga messed up my game. Now when I try to do the daily free prize spin it says I’m not logged into Facebook and won’t let me. I didn’t used to need a Facebook account to do it.”

“I’m afraid of what you’d do with a Facebook account.”

Schuldig snickered. “You should be.”

“Then why don’t you have one?”

“I can’t troll the world in every possible way. Also, I definitely don’t need the time suck of FB since you bitch at me enough now! Besides, there’s no way in hell I want to reconnect with old school ‘friends’ unless I wanted to try to get them to do a reunion so they’d be in one place where I could kill them all. ...don’t think that! If you actually want to try that you make a Facebook account!”

***********************THE END**********************
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