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wk_fiction's Journal

Weiss Kreuz Fan Fiction
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Welcome to a Weiss Kreuz fan fiction community. This community is dedicated to fan fiction of the series. Feel free to post your own work here to be viewed by others and to receive comments, as well as constructive criticism.


[1] Please be respect of all community members. No flaming, please. Posts in which flaming does occur will be deleted by the moderators.

[2] Understand that this community is dedicated to various pairings of the series. No particular pairing will be discriminated against. If a story containing a pairing you do not necessarily like or disagree with is being posted, then please be courteous and either simply ignore the post or approach it with an open mind.

[3] Please keep off topic posts to a minimum. You may use this community to promote your own community, but please only promote communities that have something to do with Weiss Kreuz. The same goes for sites. You may post asking for a beta, or something along those lines, but please do not post to ask if someone can send you Gluhen episodes, or to ask if someone has an mp3 you want.

[4] Feel free to post fic challenges, if you would like to. Please do not specifically name a certain pairing, however, as some people may like the challenge idea, but not the indicated pairing.

[5] Have fun! ^_^


Please use these guidelines when you are posting to the community.

For Fan Fiction:
Subject Line: Fic Title

Pairing: (if applicable)
Characters: (if the story contains any other characters than the indicated pairing)
Status: (is the story ongoing, incomplete, complete, etc.)

Please LJ-Cut the story or link to it.


Mantainer: kirakins


Weiss Kreuz Gluhen: weiss_gluhen
Weiss Kreuz Yaoi: wb_yaoi
Weiss Kreuz Drabbles : wk_100
Weiss Seiyuu: weiss_seiyuu
Weiss Kreuz: weiss_kreuz
Side B : _side_b

Youji x Ken: yoken
Ken x Omi: kemi_koi
Aya x Ken: ranxken
Aya x Omi: ayaxomi